Correct injury, illness records spare workers’ lives

Accurate injury illness records spare workers lives
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Not one more person should die or be injured by reason of a preventable tragedy at the workplace. The latest op-ed by Kentucky Home Builders Association, Robert Weiss, easily misrepresents a lifesaving work place protection given by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Keeping precise injury and illness records is a lot more compared to “red tape” for businesses. These types of data are important for protecting employees from harmful conditions at work. By checking workplace records, OSHA is able to use its minimal resources to recognize as well as target the dangers getting employees at the utmost danger. If employers fail to keep correct injury logs, working individuals will suffer preventable fatalities as well as injuries at the workplace. Make absolutely no mistake; repealing this reasonable protection might be an instantaneous strike on working families in Kentucky as well as nationwide.

Weiss characterizes the rule for the reason that OSHA’s make an effort to “unilaterally change the law” and also push “excessive red tape” on businesses. The simple truth is, the rule basically clarifies an employer’s continuing responsibility to sustain worker injury logs for 5 years. OSHA continues to be keeping employers accountable to this standard for the past four decades.

Rather than the Congressional Review Act to repeal simple safeguards in support of big corporate donors, Congress along with the White House should really protect working people.

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