Hazard Alert! How to deal with Silica in Construction

Crystalline Silica Hazard Awareness Course

Silica is a mineral naturally found in rock, gravel, sand, and dirt. Materials created from these substance, such as concrete, masonry, brick, and also block, moreover contain silica. Silica is a hard crystalline substance, often known as quartz.

Construction personnel could be exposed to silica dust once they work with rock, concrete, masonry, as well as bricks.

Silica dust are typically produced by chipping or perhaps drilling rock or concrete; sawing or simply grinding concrete as well as masonry; crushing rock and concrete among some other activities. Silica dust triggers scarring as well as damage in the lungs.

It truly is a significant disease such as emphysema. Miners, tunnel personnel, sand blasters, as well as other construction employees face a risk for silicosis. Silicosis is an extremely dangerous lung disease due to inhaling silica dust.

The health problem is not often discovered in its early stages however eventually results in breathing difficulties, exhaustion, lack of appetite, chest pains, and also lung failure. People who have silicosis tend to be more prone to tuberculosis or bronchitis which improves the chance for lung cancer and can be deadly. There are actually no medical tests for earlier detection and no treatment for silicosis therefore preventing exposure is essential.

How is silica dust controlled on this workplace?

  • Enroll in Crystalline Silica Hazard Awareness Course, train and learn.
  • Water spray for drills, respirators for jack hammers, dust collectors on grinders are ways for controlling silica dust.
  • When there is a dust control method for your work apply it. If your work ought to have a respirator, put it on.
  • Always use your respirator when performing silica work or perhaps working near others who are.
  • Certainly not use a dust mask when performing silica tasks.
  • Air monitoring, it is the best method to assess worker exposure to silica dust.

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