Flagger Training Online

The work zone flagger course online allows you the capability to work as a certified flagger as needed by the department of transportation and MUTCD. By law, all of the flaggers is required to be properly trained in flagging procedures as well as flagging operations by a certified flagger training instructor. By finishing the flagger certification course you are going to obtain a solid knowledge in correct flagging procedures and also be able to work on the job as a work zone flagger.

To be able to take part in flagging operations a flagger should recognize the source of their flagger training to the engineer in case asked for illustrate their capability to carry out flagging procedures appropriately. Flaggers unable to execute the proper procedures correctly has to be replaced or retrained.

Flaggers Role and Responsibilities

Flaggers are employed in construction operations to give traffic control the moment potential hazards might be present. A flaggers primary responsibility is always to protect the safety of workers along with the general public, deal with emergency vehicles as well as recognize the proper flagging practices, procedures, equipment and also clothing.

Course Information

After accomplishing the course persons will know how to provide safe flow of traffic through work zones and reduce risk through using standard flagging procedures acquired during their training.

Who Should Attend?

Construction work zone flaggers really have to get a Work Zone Flagger certification. The Flagging certification is valid for 4 years only.