OSHA Advocating Young Worker Safety Campaign

OSHA young worker

Pressing the statement, Young workers! You have rights! the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released a movement on workplace safety among young employees.

The federal agency laid out employer responsibilities for retaining youth employees safe, stating, “Young workers are those new to the workforce, even up to age 24. Young workers can be an asset to your workforce.

However, it may be their first job or the first time they are operating equipment.”

OSHA additionally reminded companies that child labor laws control the varieties of tasks, hours worked, as well as equipment made use of by young people under age 18.

OSHA provided rules for protecting youth employees who are temporary employees, such as:

  • Host employers should treat short-term employees as they definitely take care of existing workers, particularly such as enough training to youth temporary employees.
    Short-term staffing agencies as well as host companies discuss control over the worker and are both accountable for the short-term employee’s safety and health.
  • OSHA mentioned in its promotion, “Employers can prevent or reduce workplace injuries and make work safer for all workers, including youth.” It highlighted that first-line employers have “the greatest opportunity” to protect young employees and also influence work behavior so they will stress safety.

Additionally, the federal agency noted that supervisors must:

  • Appreciate and also comply with the appropriate federal and state child labor laws. Such as, these laws restrict youth from doing work particular hours and from doing dangerous or perhaps hazardous job.
  • Make sure that young workers get training to identify hazards which makes them competent in safe work procedures. Training ought to be in a language and vocabulary that employees can fully grasp and should incorporate prevention of fires, accidents, as well as violent situations and also the steps to take if injured.
  • Apply a mentoring or buddy system for fresh young workers. Have a grownup or maybe experienced young worker respond to questions and also assist the new young worker understand the ropes of a completely new job.
  • Motivate young workers to make inquiries regarding jobs or procedures that are not clear or not understood. Let them know whom to ask.
  • Keep in mind that young workers are not only “little adults,” and employers ought to be alert to the different facets of interacting with young employees.
  • Make sure that equipment managed by young workers is officially authorized and also safe to allow them to use. Employers must label tools that young employees are not permitted to use.

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