OSHA Safety and Health Standards Facts

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) perform an important function in keeping up the general health and well-being of laborers. The safety elements sketched out through this federal agency definitely regarded as strongly by the companies to be able to preserve a safe working setting for employees. OSHA 10 hour training courses educate the employers and also the workers the significance of regulating safe work procedures.

OSHA Fall Protection Statistics

Falls is known to be to be considered one of the top reasons behind occupational fatalities. The fact is, they make up for approximately 8 percent of the total work-related deaths that take place from trauma. In accordance with OSHA, the moment a worker is working at elevation of 4 feet even more than that, they are really at a danger of falling. Consequently, the appropriate Personal Protective and fall protection equipments need to be put into use.

Workplace Fire Safety

In accordance with a study performed during the year 2007, explosions as well as fires accounted for just about 3 percent of the absolute total deaths. Fire hazards such as faulty wiring needs to be eradicated to reduce the possibilities of explosions taking place.


The hazardous chemicals found at workplaces must not be pushed aside, see HAZWOPER training. The hazard communication standard laid down by OSHA needs to be pursued by companies to cut down the out of control exposure to hazardous materials.

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