OSHA Safety Regulations Require Hazmat Training Course

A large number of flight department personnel, like aircraft maintenance technicians, is going to be asked by December 1 to obtain U.S. government-mandated hazardous material (hazmat) safety training course to assist them to recognize as well as protect themselves against possible dangerous materials also circumstances.

The new OSHA regulations are created to line up U.S. practices with the United Nations’ internationally harmonized program of classification as well as labeling of chemical substances. In the wide-ranging program, for instance, a sign word–such as “Danger” for further serious hazards, or “Warning” for significantly less serious threats–is applied to labels, together with many different pictograms and also hazard statements identifying the nature of the dangers. Labeling of hazardous substances should also incorporate first-aid procedures to deal with a spill should one take place, in addition to contact details for the chemical’s producer.

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