OSHA’s 10 Most Typical Job Site Violations for Construction

OSHA 10 Construction

It is good to know which health and safety violations happen most frequently in the workplace in order to avoid them. With construction accounting every 1 in 5 workplace deaths in 2014, greater penalty payouts were set and completely new rules for monitoring and capturing violations were created. We have gathered information from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration about which guidelines are frequently disobeyed on construction-related projects.

The fact is, the most awful offenses have continued to happen at essentially the same rate. It might not come as a surprise that fall-protection accidents lead the list.

With more than 20,000 mishaps recorded in the last 4 years, it stays the top reason for death in construction. Following close behind are faulty ladders as well as inefficient eye,face and head protection.

This summer, OSHA introduced its interim rule boosting maximum civil penalties by 78% to meet the requirements of a recently passed federally mandated legislation. This legislation was designed to make sure that the fines develop along with the cost of having to live.

The rule went into effect on Aug. 1, bumping the optimum fee for significant violations to $12,471 from $7,000 along with the penalty for willful and repeated violations to $124,709 from $70,000.

However, OSHA caught flak this summer time for the “anti-retaliation” provision of its latest electronic recordkeeping rule. The contested element of the rule removes post-accident drug and alcohol assessment of involved workers, which critics believe is important to avoiding future incidents however that OSHA contends it is a breach of privacy. In the past, companies that have performed post-accident assessment became vulnerable to much higher OSHA charges. Moreover, OSHA has stated the data gathered will be openly available in an effort to emphasize the most significant violations as well as the companies of which they occurred. The guideline goes into effect on Nov. 1.

The following data shows the top construction-related occupational safety and health violations in 2012. OSHA notes that the data for earlier years is almost the same, indicating that lots of these violations are actually decades-long struggles to enhance safety procedures in construction. In most industries nationwide, employees deaths are down from 38 each day in 1973 to 13 per day in 2014, according to OSHA.

The top 10 OSHA construction standards cited by federal OSHA:

  1. Fall Protection, residential construction (1926.501(b)(13)): 19,367 violations
  2. Ladders, portable (1926.1053 (b)(1)): 7,192
  3. Fall Protection, guardrails (1926.501(b)(1)): 6,387
  4. Training Requirements (1926.503(a)(1): 6,175
  5. Eye and Face Protection (1926.102(a)(1)): 5,835
  6. Head Protection (1926.100(a)): 4,997
  7. Scaffolds, fall protection (1926.451(g)(1)): 3,708
  8. Scaffolds, aerial lifts (1926.453(b)(2)(v)): 3,438
  9. Fall Protection, low-slope roofs (1926.501(b)(10)): 3,361
  10. Scaffolds, access (1926.451(e)(1)): 2,993

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